This Week in Dev #1

I’m starting a new challenge, maintain and blog (around) every weekend a curated list of links I’ve stumble upon during my work week. As I’m a JVM guy, this will be mostly related with Java development but there may be a few here and there links about general topics. So, today is #1.

 share his opinion about the current status of Java, Is Java Dead?

On Java 8,  explains, with a practical example, how to get ArrayList from Stream in Java 8.

Adam Bien has some tips on how to be more productive with JavaEE and Docker.

Joe Armstrong shows one of the big strengths of Erlang, managing two million web servers.

Vamp is in canary-testing version, check this Voxxed interview about Vamp, The Microservices Platform Hedging its Bets on the Container Race.

Stackoverflow just release their Developer Survey Results 2016 with some interesting facts.

Michał Huniewicz visited North Korea and returned with a bunch of great pictures about his journey to get in North Korea and around Pyongyang.

See you next week.

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