Software Engineering Podcasts

It can be hard to keep up  with what’s going on in the software engineering scene. To keep myself updated I normally spend my commute time listening to software engineering podcasts and today I’m going to share my list.

  • Fragmented Podcast, mostly Android related. From time to time, some general Java episodes. A must have for any Android developer out there.
  • Developer Tea, a podcast about web apps (mostly RoR and Javascript), soft skills and listener questions.
  • Software Engineering Daily, an all round podcast with daily episodes. Usually the focus is around frameworks, tools, big data, databases, programming languages and what not related to software engineering. A must have for any software engineer. They also have a very good newsletter, make sure you subscribe it.
  • The Change Log, another all round podcast. With episodes from frameworks, software architecture to unit testing and tools. Another must have for any software engineer.
  • Java Pub House, a more Java and Java EE focused podcast. Usually discussing Java and Java EE concepts, frameworks and APIs, like REST services, ThreadLocal and Spring Framework.
  • Software Engineering Radio, another all round podcast. Mostly featuring frameworks, tools, big data, programming languages and software architecture. A must have for any software engineer.
  • Soft Skills Engineering, a weekly podcast about soft skills for software engineers. A funny and easy to listen podcast. Recommended.
  • The Magpie Talkshow, a podcast by Sam Newman. Mostly interviews with well known and reputable software engineers.


Newly added to my list but yet to listen to an episode:

If you are on Android, I highly recommend you Pocket Casts as your podcast app. There is also a web app, which you can synchronize with the Android app.