This Week in Dev #8

This Week in Dev (TWiD) is a curated list with the most funny and interesting articles I stumble upon during my work and research time.

This issue is more focused on DevOps, a hot trend at the moment.

  • Stackoverflow is one of the biggest sites on the internet. Such sites have more than one server. Deploying your new version can be tricky and hard to manage. Nick Craver, Software Developer and Systems Administrator at Stackoverflow, explains how Stackoverflow deploys to production.
  • Apache Mesos, a distributed systems kernel, abstracts your cluster of nodes into a single pool of resources. DC/OS is an enterprise grade datacenter scale operating system. Codecentric uploaded a short and entertaining video explaining What is DC/OS and Mesos?

Software Developer

  • Have you ever thought or are you curious to know how’s the life of a software developer after 40? Then this is an interesting read.
  • Bugs are the worst enemy for every software developer. We try as hard as we can to avoid them but sometimes they just pop out of nowhere. Still, are software developers the only ones dealing with bugs? No, not really.



And… that’s all folks. See you next week.

This Week in Dev #7

Welcome to the seventh issue of This Week in Dev.


  • Sometimes you need to log the data access in our application. The problem comes when you are using a data access framework, like Hibernate, that uses PreparedStatement and the bound values are not logged. To bypass this issue, Vlad Mihalcea has an interesting article on the best way of logging JDBC statements.

General development

  • When to rewrite from scratch? Why, when and lessons learnt. Autopsy of a failed software. We all had that feeling of rewriting our product from scratch, before making a decision you should read this.


This is it folks, see you next week.