This Week in Dev #3

Today we have a rather long “This Week in Dev”. explains the best ways to deal with bidirectional relationships with Jackson.

Are you new to Java 8 Completable Future or Async programming? You definitely have to watch this talk by José Paumard at Devoxx Belgium, Asynchronous Programming in Java 8: How to Use CompletableFuture.

Why you should be careful when working with phone numbers, Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Phone Numbers.

We all know how big is the Chinese market but did you know that it is so big that it has its own UI mobile trends?

For the StackOverflow fans out there that can’t make their job without it, did you know you now have a StackOverflow Autocomplete?

Filip Hracek shows why the famous “Hello World” is a fallacy.

Doing tech talks or presenting code to an audience? Check spectacle code slide and rock on those presentations.

Goroutines shows how you can handle 10 million concurrent connections using Go.

We all want to write good code, that is our ultimate goal.  has some tips on how to reduce the cognitive load of your code.

Planning on stepping on distributed systems? Wait no more, this introduction to distributed systems should warm you up.

Fan of graphs? Elastic has added Graph to data visualisation plug-in Kibana, Voxxed has short and concise article about it.

This should never happen, a funny and curious thread on Hackernews.

Bored? Fan of GTA San Adreas? Check this funny San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam streaming.

And that’s it for this week. Time to say goodbye and see you next week.

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